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European Health Insurance Card is 10 years old - but what is it?

23 April 2014

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) has been around 10 years, but most are still unsure as to exactly what it does.


Would you pay $3000 for W Hotels to live-tweet your wedding?

09 April 2014

You don't have to be #brangelina to broadcast live news about about your wedding day. All you need is a Social Media ...


No more roaming charges in Europe by December 2015

08 April 2014

If you like checking in to places or instantly sharing your holiday photos/videos, rejoice as the European Parliament...


UK's Air Passenger Duty to be lowered on some flights

03 April 2014

Holiday-makers will see a reduction in air fares to the Caribbean thanks to lower Air Passenger Duty rates.


Vueling and Sony create world's first wearable boarding pass

26 March 2014

Vueling and Sony to launch the world's first ever wearable boarding pass, using a 2D barcode and SmartWatch 2 intelli...


Take a picture in Hungary and you could get sued

24 March 2014

Take care before taking a picture of people in Hungary from now on. You may be breaking the law!


British Airways adds day trip flights from London to Europe

20 March 2014

What are you up to this weekend? Nothing? How about a flight to Rome for the day?


New attraction at Cornwall’s Crealy Great Adventure Park

18 March 2014

Cornwall's revamped Crealy Great Adventure Park reopens in time for Easter.


Spring in the South West Photo Competition - Win £500

18 March 2014

Email your photos of the beauty of spring 2014 in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset and be in the chance of winnin...


Virgin Atlantic pilots Google Glass

12 February 2014

Imagine turning up at the airport to find they know your name and flight details before you even speak.


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