Destination Guides

Guide to Afghanistan

10 January 2012

Blighted by war, this otherwise intriguing country, loved so much by backpackers is rife with land mines and unrest.


Geneva, Switzerland

18 November 2011

Slick, pricey and cospmopolitan, Geneva, the not the capital of Switzerland, is home to the World Health Organisation...


Geneva Tourist Office

18 November 2011


Guide to China

10 October 2011

China is at best a culture shock. You may feel compelled to shop till you drop in its metropolises but balance your y...


Edinburgh Festivals

05 July 2011

Edith Bowman offers tips on how to make the most of the surprising number of things to see and do in the world's fest...


Madrid, Spain

25 August 2010

This capital city in the Iberian peninsula is turning into a short break hotspot


City Guide to Strasbourg

18 July 2010

City guide: Strasbourg, one of Europe’s most attractive cities. Thanks to the richness and sheer density of its...


City Guide to Bergerac

17 July 2010

The Bergerac region is sometimes called Perigord Pourpre the name deriving from the rich purple-red wines which chara...


City Guide to Marseilles

16 July 2010

Marseilles, a city on the South East coast of France on the Mediterranean Sea


City Guide to Lille

15 July 2010

At only 80 minutes from London, 1 hour from Paris and 35 minutes from Brussels, Lille could have chosen to live in th...


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