Guide to Spain

Spain, not just a beach resort but a country of great diversity.

By TTM on 11 October 2007 in Destination Guides

Name: Spain

Population: 44.1 million (official figure, 2005)

Capital: Madrid

Area: 505,988 sq km (195,363 sq miles)

Major languages: Spanish (Castilian), Catalan, Gallego (Galician), Euskera (Basque)

Major religion: Christianity

Life expectancy: 76 years (men), 83 years (women) (UN)

Monetary unit: 1 euro = 100 cents

Main exports: Transport equipment, agricultural products

GNI per capita: US $25,360 (World Bank, 2006)

Internet domain: .es

Electricity: 220V, 50Hz

International dialling code: +34

Flight time from London: 2 to 2.5 hours. 4 hours to the Canaries.

Time Difference: GMT + 1 but Canaries the same as UK.

Climate: Northern Spain has a maritime climate, characterised by mild winters and lots of rain throughout the year. Andalucia, Murcia, Valencia, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands have a Mediterranean climate with temepratures in January averaging 10-13 degree centrigrade, rising to 27 degree centigrade on the coast and up to 40 degree centrigrade inland. The Canary Islands are sunny with an average temperate of 19-22 degree centrigade throughout the year.

Tipping: Service is generally included on menus but you can supplement this with a further 5% if you wish. Also leaving small change on bar and cafe/tapas tables is traditional as is rounding the bill up to the nearest euro.


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