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By TTM on 11 October 2007 in Destination Guides

Full Name: Republic of Tunisia
Capital: Tunis
Location: Africa. Algeria to the west and Libya to the southeast, Tunisia juts into the Mediterranean, with almost half the country bordering the sea.
Area: 155,360 sq km (59,984 sq miles)
Population: 9,705,102
Religion: 98% Muslim. 2% Christian, Jewish and other
Language: Arabic is the official language, French widely spoken. English and German is commonly spoken along the coastal resorts.
Currency: Tunisian dinar. One dinar is divided into 1,000 millimes. You cannot buy dinar outside Tunisia, nor can you take it out when you leave. Only 1/3 of the total amount that you have changed into dinar can be changed back into sterling at the end of your trip, so budget accordingly, and keep your exchange receipts.
Visas: UK citizens do not require a visa for visits of up to three months.
Electricity: You will need a two-pin adaptor for all UK electrical appliances.
Terrain: Northwest Tunisia mountainous with the highest peak, Djebal Chaâmbi rising 1,544 metres out of a rugged, barren region known as the Grande Dorsal range. Central Tunisia is characterised by barren steppe and vast salt lakes (chotts) which dry out in the summer. Chott el Jerid, the largest salt lake, has several lush oases and olive groves around the perimeter. Further south, the tip of the Great Eastern Erg (Grand Erg Oriental) is the the Sahara desert.
Climate: From June to September, temperatures along the coast hover around 27-30°C. Inland, summer temperatures can reach 45°C. During these months you can expect a daily average of 12 hours' sunshine. This number is halved during the winter months, from December to February, when temperatures maintain a modest 16-18°C.
Time Zone: Tunisia is one hour ahead of the UK from November to February. Otherwise there is no time difference.
Telephone: Dialling from the UK: 00 216 7 + city code + 6 digit number
Dialling mobile phones from the UK: 00 216 98
Tunis city code: 1

International airports
Visitors fly into one of six airports:
Tunis-Carthage (tel: 216 1755 000)
Skanés-Monastir (tel: 216 3460 300)
Jerba-Zarzis (tel: 216 5650 233)
Sfax-Thyna (tel: 216 4241 740)
Tozeur-Nefta (tel: 216 6450 342)
Tabarkaerba (tel: 216 8644 100).
Charter flights usually operate between London and Monastir. All have currency exchange facilities, 24-hour ATMs and car hire companies.


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