France: Useful French Words

Parlez vous francais? - Useful French words and phrases

By TTM on 11 October 2007 in Destination Guides

Hello = Bonjour [Bon-jhoor]

Goodbye = Au revoir [Oh rvwahr]

Please = S'il vous plait [Seel voo pleh]

Thank you = Merci [Mairsee]

Excuse me = Pardon [Par-dohn]

Good night = Bonne nuit [Bon-nwee]

See you soon = A bientot [Ah byehn-toh]

Yes = Oui [Wee]

No = Non [Nohn]

OK = D'accord [Dahkohr]

Top Tip:  

The French are formal until you get to know them well. Be sure to address everyone formally i.e.  Madame, Monsieur and vous (you).


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