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New website promotes short breaks and holidays by coach

Published 05 June 2008 in News

Fears of airport delays, the cost of the Euro and a demand for green holidays is helping to fuel demand for coach holidays in the UK says the Coach Tourism Council (CTC), the industry body that promotes touring by coach on behalf of more than 150 UK coach operators. More than five million people take a short break or holiday by coach in the UK each year and this figure is expected to pass the six million mark within the next three years.                                                                                  

Now the CTC has launched a new website to provide information about coach travel with simple navigation links to coach operators across the UK and how they can book tours for UK and Ireland Holidays, to the Continent and Worldwide. For example someone living in Yorkshire can quickly find a choice of coach companies providing tours from their region, with most providing door to door pick-ups from their home.

“While the majority of UK households are effected by the credit crunch, the high cost of fuel and the weakness of the £ against the Euro, coach passengers are generally older, mortgage free empty nesters with savings,” said CTC chairman Sean Taggart. “They like the value of travelling by coach where holidays are fully inclusive with no hidden extras, with their travel costs, hotel accommodation and entrance tickets to attractions paid in advance. They don’t have the worry of driving or queuing at the airport and they like the security of having their own driver.”

Two independent *studies in 2007 revealed that coach travel uses six times less energy than planes, six times less energy than cars and two times less energy than trains. Coaches are also seven times safer per mile than a car while a gallon of fuel will pro-rata, take two people travelling by coach six times further than by car. Gone are the days when an old bus took people to the seaside for a day trip – today passengers travel in modern, air-conditioned coaches – many with fewer seats to provide extra leg room - costing as much as £250,000.

*Research in 2007 by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research in Heidelberg for RDA, the International Coach Tourism Federation. Research carried out by the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management for international coach operator Eurolines, produced similar results.


Peter Parkinson, Rye


Have you tried Shearings Coach Holiday to Ryde at the Bay Royal Esplanade Hotel on the Isle of Wight, it is just no joke the place smells, under the hotel the towns main building and and the basement flooded on the 8th November 2010. The lift went out, the boiler went out. We all had to move out to another hotel at 30 minutes notice at 5.45 pm because they could not fix the problems, the person who said on line the place smelled was right. Another visitor who had stayed beore said the place had had problems before when they stayed

you will find pictures and film of fire engine pumping out on line at:-

Its all true: Shearings ruined our holiday DON'T GO TO RYDE

14 November, 2010

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