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FCO: Steer Clear of Trouble

By TTM on 16 July 2008 in News

With tourists three times more likely to be involved in road accidents than locals, Foreign Office targets mopeds as part of ‘Steer Clear of Trouble’ campaign -

Over three quarters of Brits (82%) who have hired mopeds on holiday have put their own and others’ safety at risk, according to new figures released today by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

The research reveals a shocking catalogue of risks being taken by the thousands of British holidaymakers who hire mopeds on holiday, with over half (57%) having ridden without wearing a helmet, more than one in 10 admitting to riding whilst drunk and over a third (35%) not having checked that their travel insurance covered them to ride the bike.

The FCO statistics clearly show how Britons’ risky behaviour translates into accidents, some of which can be fatal. Of those surveyed, one in ten had been involved in a moped accident. Fifteen per cent knew someone who had been injured on a moped and, tragically, 5% knew someone who had been killed in a moped crash.

Shilpa Caldeira, Consular Head in Goa, said: “In Goa we frequently see cases where a British tourist has decided to hire a moped on holiday having never ridden one before. This is never a good idea because as well as learning to ride the bike, they must also contend with local drivers on roads which are far busier and less predictable than those in the UK . Anyone who does decide to hire a moped or motorbike should double-check their insurance, and always wear a helmet and appropriate clothing. We have come across many cases where someone is riding a bike in only swimwear, and even a couple who were not wearing helmets because they were worried about ruining their hairstyles.”

The FCO is urging holiday makers heading abroad to visit for tips and advice on driving and road safety abroad. Travel advice by country, which includes specific information on road travel and safety, can also be found on the website, or from the Travel Advice line – 0845 850 2829.


Please note, the advice below is not comprehensive. Driving rules differ between countries so the FCO recommends that you also visit the country-specific information at for the most up to date advice for your destination.

· Make sure your travel insurance covers you before you decide to drive or be a passenger on a motorbike. Check the exclusions carefully.

· Travelling by motorcycle, scooter or moped is significantly more dangerous than by car. If you are not accustomed to riding a motorcycle you should not attempt to ride one for the first time abroad on unfamiliar roads

· If you do decide to hire a motorcycle or scooter, make sure you use a reputable hire company – check that they are licensed to hire bikes to tourists

· Always wear a helmet and protective clothing, whether you are the driver or a passenger

· There should never be more than two people on a bike

· Never ride the bike when you have been drinking alcohol

· Quad bikes should also be approached with caution. If you do hire quad bikes you should check that your travel insurance covers you for their use. Only hire them from a reputable company and find out whether it is legal to ride them on the public road

· Ensure your insurance includes third party cover


Scott, New Zealand

Travelling thru Asia, if you don't have moped cover on your travel insurance, and don't wear a helmet, then, I have been told, you are not covered by your insurance.

12 July, 2014

Flashman, UK

It's tue that renting a scooter on holiday has more risk than not doing so. But it also makes your holiday a lot more fun. I rented a scooter in Goa and had no issues.
The most important thing to do is take your time and ride carefully, if you give everyone plenty of room, you'll usually be fine. I've written an article with some tips for first time scooter riders abroad.

11 August, 2012

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