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Published 23 July 2008 in News

As the last schools break up for the holiday, and temperatures look set to soar, the Port of Dover, one of Europe’s busiest ferry ports, is gearing up for its biggest tourist weekends of the year.

Saturdays in the six-week school holiday period see peak volumes of passengers and tourist cars, with passenger numbers doubling from the typical Wednesday holiday volume, and three-times the number of cars.

“On Saturday 27 July, we expect more than 18,000 cars through the port, rising to between 19,500 and 20,000 cars on our anticipated peak day, Saturday 23 August,” says Bob Goldfield, chief executive, Port of Dover. “We’re also expecting 80,000 passengers this Saturday, rising to around 86,000 on our busiest day.”

The port’s operation team plays its part in smoothing the way for tourists well beyond the port and the ferry.

“We monitor closely all traffic flows hitting the M25 from the north and west, over the Dartford Crossing and on all routes to the port, and alert travellers to any delays. Currently, there are no roadworks that should affect driving times to the port.”

And in spite of high tourist volumes, holiday-makers will find plenty of room on board, according to Bob Goldfield.

“The good news for tourists is that haulage volumes peak on Wednesdays and fall away during the weekend – the perfect solution all round.

“Equally, car drivers are welcome at any hour of the day or night, any day of the week, and we will be sure to get them away, no matter how busy the port is.”

For crossings, travel, traffic and weather details, visit www.doverport.co.uk


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