Official Statement of the Tourism Ministry of Mexico

According to Mexico's Ministry of the Interior and local authorities, hurricane Emily impacted the Northeastern coastal area of Quntana Roos State.

By TTM on 18 July 2005 in News

This is in the Yucatan Peninsula (Cozumel, Cancun and riviera Maya. It started yesterday as a category 4 storm. It then diminished in strength to become a category 2 storm, crossed the northern tip of the pennsula to Yucatan State and emerged into the Gulf of Mexico this morning. Mexico Tourism Board CEO Francisco Ortiz expressed satisfaction over the speed and efficiency of storm preparations in the area with local authorities duly informing visitors and residents about security measures and undertaking the necessary measures to ensure their safety. He also said that major international tourism destinations and zones commonly affected by tropical stors, have the infrastructure, experience, trained personell to safeguard tourists and locals. Quinta Roo State Tourism authorities said that the full extent of damage was still being determines, but the tourist zones suffered no majoe damage, no injuries were reportes among visitors and nearly all tourism services were operating as normal. They added that damage to the Mayan Riviera is still be determined and that a report will be issued shortly. For further information please contact: Press Centre of the Mexico Tourism Board: 00 800 666 777 02 Call Centre for tourist: 00 800 11 11 22 66 Call Centre for the Industry: 0044 (0) 20 74 88 93 92


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