Has Your EHIC expired?

Expired EHICS leave Brits abroad at risk

By TTM on 19 October 2008 in News

Expired EHICs leaving nearly 1.5 million Brits at risk while travelling abroad in Europe

The Department of Health are urging all British tourists travelling in Europe this month to check the expiry date of their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) as millions have already expired.

Currently 28 million Britons have an EHIC, however three million expire between September 2008 and March 2009. By the end of October, nearly 1.5 million EHICs will have expired. Anyone travelling with an out-of-date EHIC is putting themselves at risk when travelling in Europe as they will not be covered for basic medical care.

The EHIC, which replaced the E111 form three years ago, entitles you to reduced cost or free state-provided healthcare in most European countries if you fall ill or have an accident whilst abroad, but only if it is in date. Recent research by the Department of Health worryingly revealed that over 52%[1] of Brits were not even aware that the EHIC has a shelf life.

Paul Siddell, Overseas Healthcare Programme Manager at the Department of Health says: “Many Brits are putting themselves at unnecessary risk by not checking their EHIC expiry date. If you're travelling in Europe it's vital that you carry an EHIC, as well as comprehensive travel insurance.

If you find your EHIC is out-of-date, it is very easy to renew it online or over the phone and it will be delivered within ten days. Card holders can renew up to six months in advance of expiry so we are urging people to check their EHICs now.”

To renew or obtain an EHIC, log on to www.nhs.uk/healthcareabroad or call 0845 606 2030. For further information call the EHIC enquiries line on 0845 605 0707.


Denise Fletcher, Bridport

I also applied online and it said my card was in date (it expired 2010)
But l pressed 'continue' and it was submitted, so l will see what happens....strange....

1 June, 2015

Monica, Redcar

My E111 expired in 2011. I am travelling to France this Thursday and have just applied for a new EHIP card. Will I still be covered?

16 March, 2015

Rachael Pyta, exeter,devon

Is that correct? I have just renewed online but it won't arrive in time. Can I still use my old ehic card? Just about to get travel.insurance as well... Forgot about that briefly as well. Oh dear!

12 January, 2015

Derek Westwood, Stockport

Why does the card expire?

5 October, 2014

liz, leeds

my card and my childrens run out in august .I have tried to apply for new cards as we go away in august but the computer says I have an in date card.i am trying to be organised what can I do ?

27 June, 2013

Helen, Connah's Quay

I have just realised that our EHIC cards have expired and our son is travelling with family tomorrow. Will he still be able to use this card for this trip, I have applied for new ones.

22 August, 2012

MaryG, South West

My EHIC has an expiry date on it of 24/01/2011 - but when I went online and filled in all my details to renew it - the response from Site was that I still hold a valid card - thats not what the card says - it clearly says expiry dat 24/01/2011????

31 May, 2012

michelle punt, essex

I only just realised I should take the EHIC card with me and applied today. I travel tomorrow, am I still covered?

27 November, 2011

Nigel, Rotherham

If you renew online or over the phone you are covered on an expired card, your new card will come in the post while you are away but you are still covered as the PIN is checked and this remains the same on a renewal.

12 October, 2011

gw, uk

what's the point of (such a short) expiry date?
Come to think of it why do we have to apply for this thing anyway?
Surely proof of nationality is enough....

23 September, 2011

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