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Date With A Dugong? Where to Find Independent Dive Reports on the Web

By TTM on 18 March 2009 in News

British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) website,, designed by creative digital experts Nemisys, is looking for divers to supply them with up to date unbiased reports on dive experiences around the world to create a comprehensive database of independent reviews. Their interactive search tool ( provides information about dive locations around the world while the trip report section allows divers to supply a ‘warts and all’ account of their experiences.

Neat icons are placed on Google Maps, offering dive information ranging from personal reports on best dives around the world, to where to find a great white shark in April. This user-friendly tool is the biggest dive location and trip report information resource on the web, for members and non-members alike and BSAC wants it to grow even more.

BSAC Director Andy Moll believes the new site now offers the club, its members and other divers an invaluable resource:

“BSAC’s aim is to get people diving. It trains more than 5,000 people a year to five internationally-recognised diver grades. We provide a wide range of services and instruction, with 23 different skill development and specialist interest courses,” he said.

BSAC trains, protects and represents 38,000 active scuba divers and snorkellers. It is the UK National Governing Body and official voice of scuba and snorkelling, working with organisations like the Health and Safety Executive, the RNLI, Marine Coastguard Association (MCA), Marine Conservation Society, HM Treasury’s Receiver of Wrecks, DEFRA and diving organisations.

BSAC is the world’s largest diving club and has 1,100 sociable, family-based local branches and more than 325 diving centres spread across the country and worldwide. From beginner to expert, BSAC provides extensive diver training and the resources and back-up divers need to keep skills sharp and to help them enjoy diving safely. It welcomes membership of divers trained by all other agencies.

Contact details

Wendy Davies, Vice CEO/Executive Director, BSAC
Tel +44 (0) 151 350 6218


kevin beaumont, alicante spain

Is there any bsac branches in the alicante area I live in quesada

many thanks kevin

31 January, 2010

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