Liquid ban at airports may be lifted in 2012

Passengers may be able to carry liquid through airport security at larger airports from 2012

By TravelMole on 21 September 2009 in News

The European Commission is considering lifting the ban on passengers carrying liquid through security checks from 2012 but this would only affect the larger airports.

The ban may be lifted for airports handling more than 10 millions passengers a year in 2012, but smaller airports would have to wait until 2014.

The EU-wide ban on all liquids in containers larger than 100ml was introduced in November 2006 after the UK imposed its own ban following the discovery of a plot to detonate bombs in transatlantic flights using liquid explosive in August that year.

EU officials are considering relaxing the regulations after being asked to draft new guidelines by April next year, when the existing rules expire, according to a report this morning.

The prospect of relaxing the rules has emerged because of the development of scanner technology that can detect suspect fluids. Scanners capable of using the technology are already in use in Heathow and other major airports, but not in smaller airports.

However the timetable is under debate because there are concerns that having different rules for larger and small airports would cause more confusion among passengers.


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