Wildlife and vistas from the deck of a cruise

Which wildlife floats your boat?

By TTM on 27 September 2010 in News

It seems we are animal and nature lovers even when far from home, and a new survey from YouGov reveals the animals and natural phenomenon we would most like to see while cruising the ocean waves.

With such a wide choice of cruise destination, there’s a wealth of exciting wildlife and natural phenomena to watch from the deck of a ship.  Top of the wish list is the whale which was consistently popular across genders, age groups and geographical regions and gained a third of the vote (33%).  There was one fabulous inconsistency to the data – whales are considerably more popular in Wales at 42%, meaning an intriguing form of patriotism from the Welsh in their animal choices!  The second most popular animal to see at sea is a dolphin, gaining a quarter of the vote (25%), while polar bears came in third at 22%.  

These larger mammals were by far the favourites to spot on a cruise, scooping collectively 81% of the vote, with birdlife scoring comparatively very low – penguins gained just 6% of the vote, albatrosses 3% and puffins won 2%.  There were intriguing gender differences though, as female voters scored dolphins more highly than men -  with 31% of women voting for them compared to 19% of men, while male voters preferred whales - with 38% of men voting for them compared to 28% of women.  Does size matter for men when it comes to their favourite animal?

When it comes to which natural phenomena we would most like to see from the sea, the clear winner is the Northern Lights which won an impressive 57% of the vote.  Runners up were icebergs (11%), fjords (9%) and waterfalls (7%).  Interestingly, the major differences of who wanted to see what mainly came down to age.  Fjords appealed to an older demographic, scoring more highly amongst the 45-54 and 55+ age brackets (10% and 14% respectively. 

The frozen seas and their largest predators were more popular amongst younger audiences.  The excitement of seeing polar bears was more popular for younger voters with 32% of 18-24 year olds voting for them, compared to 19% and 20% of the 45-54 and 55+ age groups respectively. 

Equally seeing icebergs was more popular amongst a younger audience with almost twice as many younger voters than older voters wanting see these stunning phenomena (14% of 18-24s versus 8% of the 55+ group). 

Conversely the calmer beauty of dolphins was voted more highly by older age brackets, with highest vote of 27% of 55+ year olds compared to 19% in the 18-24 year old group.



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