Floods and cyclone devastate tourism to Fiji: check before travel

Flash floods resulted in a state of emergency in Fiji

Published 02 April 2012 in News

The island state was declared a state of emergency because of flash floods this weekend  but Cyclone Daphne could hit Fiji.

Three people have died and 8,000 people had to evacuate their homes, according to the AFP. Some areas are without water and power but there are no reports of damage or injuries at any of the major hotel or resorts.

A spokesperson for the Fiji tourism authority told TTG that the government suspended flights into the country on Saturday and Sunday but normal schedules have now resumed. She added that the water has started to subside to more normal levels.

Tourism Fiji said: "International visitors to Fiji must also be aware that while every effort is being made to minimize inconvenience that has resulted from the current inclement weather, services and transportation within Fiji are not as yet at their optimum levels."

It is advisable to check for information about travel and accommodation providers before setting off.


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