The allure of Scandinavia’s cities

Published 10 October 2012 in Featured Articles

If you’re a fan of taking city breaks, it’s likely that cities like London, Paris and Barcelona are high on the must-visit list for you. Unfortunately, the Scandinavian cities of Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo have somehow escaped the keen urban travellers’ radar, and this is a great shame. All three cities have charm, great nightlife and fantastic culture – the three essentials for any unforgettable city break.


From flashy bars to historical attractions, Stockholm is a must-visit for anyone who loves city life. Begin your trip in Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town, and you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped back in time. Dating back to the 13th century, medieval Stockholm is full of quaint cobbled streets and is home to stunning Swedish architecture such as Stockholm Cathedral and the Riddarholm Church. If you’re a keen visitor of museums, you’ll not want to miss Vasa Museum, the most visited museum in all of Scandinavia, with more than one million visitors passing through its doors each year according to the Stockholm Tourist Board. The vasa museum is housed aboard a 17th century warship, which has been restored to its full glory for the appreciation of the visiting public.


Hop across to Denmark’s capital and there are just as many treats for city lovers. For anybody who wants to get an insight into the real Copenhagen, a visit to Horsholm flea market is essential. The market-stall holders sell everything from homemade clothing through to one-off items of furniture and antique items. Its position on the canal, right in the centre of the city, makes it an ideal place to stroll with a coffee in hand as you buy holiday souvenirs for loved ones back home. Head out into the city at night and you’ll feel pleasantly surprised by the variety of restaurants catering to every palette and budget. The Madklubben Bistro De Luxe serves up Danish-French fusion cuisine at very reasonable prices, and you shouldn’t miss out on Copenhagen’s exquisite seafood which you can purchase from restaurants such as Toldboden on the harbour side.

Oslo is the city that completes the trinity of Scandinavia’s urban greatness. No trip to Oslo would be complete without learning a little about the Vikings. Forget horned hats and aggressive brutes – the Viking Museum in central Oslo will give you a true education to the Vikings, away from the hackneyed media representations. If, at the end of your Scandinavian tour, you feel like you need to let your hair down, there’s no better place than at one of Oslo’s many nightclubs. Make sure that you head to the trendy Revolver rock club at cocktail hour for the best drinks in the city. And if you prefer jazz over rock, don’t leave Oslo before checking out Bla where you can catch live contemporary jazz every single night.

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