What's Your Flying Type?

According to marketing agency ICLP (International Customer Loyalty Programmes) air travellers fall into five categories, each with varying reasons for travel and seeking different services from the airlines.

By TTM on 04 July 2005 in Travel Articles

Over 1000 passengers were questioned from those who took one flight a year to those who took in excess of fifteen. Each group fits into traveller types from bygone eras: the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. So which type are you?

Old School - 50s era Use airplanes like black cabs Usually the privileged who use planes like the rest of us use Black Cabs. They fly back to boarding school at the start of term and for holidays, and have become so familiar with using planes at an early age that once at University, during gap years or early employment in the City, they continue to fly everywhere. Weekend parties in the cities around Britain are just a hop on a plane away. Ostentatious in their clothing and label obsessed this group favour Prada, Gucci and anything that has appeared in Vogue within the last six months. Tara Beckwith would have been an early exponent. This lot relate well to the 50s air passenger, who would have been wealthy, smart and in the minority.

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