Ever seen the episode of Friends where Ross and Chandler pilfer all the hotel amenities, resulting in Ross’s bag exploding in the hotel lobby?

Well according to a recent survey by Hotels.com, 35 per cent of hotel guests from across the globe have admitted to pocketing similar items.

Although 65 per cent of the 8,600 participants claimed they had never pinched anything more significant than a few complimentary toiletries, others admitted to taking items such as bathrobes, pillows, towels and even artwork from their hotel rooms.

According to the poll, magazines and books are the most commonly pocketed items from hotel rooms, followed by linens and towels.

What’s more, it seems some nationalities are far more honest than others when it comes to taking hotel amenities. An impressive 88 per cent of Danish travellers claimed to have never stolen an item from a hotel room. The same cannot be said for residents of Colombia: a whopping 57 per cent admitted to pocketing hotel property.

Danish Hotel Guests Most Honest

Perhaps most shocking of all is the sticky-fingered habits of Chinese travellers, many of whom admitted to taking furnishings including lamps, clocks, and even artwork from their hotel rooms.

In that fateful Friends episode, Ross’s mantra was that you have to find the line between stealing and taking what the hotel owes you.

Do you agree with this? Have you ever taken anything from your hotel room (including toiletries)? Leave a comment