Tel Aviv’s city hall transformed into a giant Tetris game

Two huge joysticks have appeared on Rabin Square in Tel Aviv and they enable you to play Tetris on the facade of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality building.

Forget the small screen of the iconic retro Game Boy of yesteryear. Now, two huge joysticks (1.5m/5 feet tall each) have appeared on Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, Israel’s hippest city -and they are not sculptures! They are fully functional joysticks enabling one to play Tetris, possibly the world’s most famous stacking game.

Tetris, Tel Aviv
Tetris, Tel Aviv (c) Guy Yechiely

The installation made its debut as part of the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival that took place in September and is played on the facade of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality building that serves as a huge, 3,000 square metre screen made up of 480 led lights.

Players use their skill and acumen to manoeuvre blocks of coloured shapes to fit snugly into each other. Other games include Snake and Pong – and anyone can play.

Get there on a Thursday evening if you fancy your chances! Watch the video:

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