It’s the height of the summer holidays so you can expect a deluge of “look-at-me” holiday pictures showing up across your Facebook and Instagram feeds. And most will not only look familiar but may have inspired you to do the same. There’s even a top ten trend list.

Once upon a time it was all about “hotdog legs”. We must have got bored with that because according to research by travel agency, it’s the snap of “heart fingers” that we all want to capture, presumably in a romantic situation. We also love “holding the sun”. The latter is presumably another take on holding up the tower of Pisa snap so popular in the early nineties. Before that, well it was about finding the right postcard and having something to write home about.

Today, it seems, anything goes and the average holidaymaker returns home with a staggering pot of 316 pictures on their phone and camera combined. And many make their way into the ethernet.

But we cheat. Half of holiday photos uploaded to social media will have had a filter or some sort of doctoring applied to them before first appearing on Instagram then later on Facebook.

So what top ten images are currently trending?

1Heart fingers – 61%

Heart fingers

2Holding the sun – 48%

Holding the sun

3Leading by the hand – 36%

Leading by the hand

4Hotdog legs – 35%

Hotdogs legs have been toppled by hearts and are now in fourth position

5Bikini bridge – 29%

The Bikini Bridge – like Hotdogs but cheekier

6Beach silhouette – 27%

Beach silhouette

7Feet in the sand – 22%

Feet in the sand

8Freeze frame jump – 18%

Freeze Jump

9Sunglasses reflection – 15%

Sunglasses reflection

10Tan lines – 10%

White tan marks

Chris Clarkson, Managing Director of, said the following:

Hotdog legs used to be the holiday photo trend that was taking the internet by storm, and it’s still up there in the top three. However, people are getting more creative with their holiday photos now and clearly have their sights set on bigger things… like the sun! It seems that a quick snap of you with a cocktail in hand by the poolside just won’t do anymore and people are striving to outdo one another with their holiday snaps.

So tell us, what is your pleasure? Leave a comment!

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