Classifieds advertising options

Admin Fee - £50

Duration: indefinite or for as long as your message is valid

Example: click here

  • 1 image
  • Product title (50 characters ≈ 10 words)
  • Product quick description (155 characters ≈ 30 words)
  • Product description (700 characters ≈ 140 words)
  • Price
  • Call to action button: buy/download/email

This admin fee also applies to any modification requested after the advert has been published.

Purchasing 5 ads or more? Contact us for discounted rates.

Additional Promotion – £50

Your product may be seasonal and you may want us to give you an extra push in the future. The advertising fee of £50 includes:

  • promoting your advert to the top of the Classifieds list
  • bringing the advert back to the homepage
  • inclusion in the next newsletter

Premium Advert – £250

Duration: indefinite

Example: click here

In addition to the normal advert, you get

  • 3 images instead of 1
  • Product description can be up to 1500 characters (≈ 300 words) long instead of 700 characters
  • The advert is promoted on the homepage under Featured Articles and gets one of the top positions in the Newsletter
  • We will also promote the advert on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to over 2.7 million fans/followers

Purchasing 5 ads or more? Contact us for discounted rates.

Social Media Promotion – £150

We currently have over 2.7 million fans and followers. Advertising cost covers promoting your advert on Twitter and Facebook.

Company Profile – £150

Example: click here

  • Logo (100×100 pixels)
  • Company name
  • Company description (500 characters ≈ 100 words)
  • Up to 3 social media profiles
  • Link to the list of all your ads on The Travel Magazine
  • URL to your website
  • £40 admin charge to make modifications once posted