Grant Shapps: “Don’t book a holiday for something which at this stage is illegal.”

Grant Shapps confused listeners with this statement. We explain what it actually means.

If you were listening to Radio 4 this morning you may have heard Transport Secretary Grant Shapps say:

Please don’t go ahead and book a holiday for something which at this stage is illegal.

What did he mean? Is he saying booking a holiday is illegal? It was most certainly an ambiguous statement. Perhaps he should have said”

The various variants of the virus are proving a challenge. Don’t book a holiday just now as there is no way of knowing when holidaymakers will be able to travel again.

And in any case travel for the time being, even between the devolved nations, is illegal.

The Transport Secretary did go on to say that it was too early to know whether we’ll be able to travel this summer.

You want to wait until that is clear before booking. Do nothing at this stage.

Regarding Vaccine Passports, as we have seen time and again, this government is not averse to u-turns, and, sometimes on a daily basis, while they endeavour to navigate the changing pandemic landscape.

We reported yesterday that a vaccine passport is not on the table. We witnessed the vaccine minister, Nadhim Zahawi, saying vaccine passports would be ‘discriminatory’. 

Scratch that. Today Mr Shapps also confirmed reports that he is discussing with other countries around the world the introduction of vaccine passports. Greece, Israel have already made their approval of the vaccine passport and Singapore is considering this. Perhaps Mr Shapss is submitting to the pressure.

More soon.