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MV Normandie, Brittany Ferries

What to do if your ferry is cancelled

What are your rights when a ferry company withdraws or delays a service? Jo Chipchase investigates.
budget airlines: Ryanair and Wizz

Top 10 tips to save money on cheap flights

Jo Chipchase gives her top tips on how to save money on booking cheap flights.
people sitting in airplane

Top 10 yoga tips to aid long-haul flying

Yoga teacher Katy Appleton shares her yoga techniques for alleviating the stresses and strains of travelling long haul.
X-Ray body scanner

How revealing is the X-ray scanner at the airport?

How revealing is the Electronic scanner? Is modesty preserved? What can it detect - apart from the body? We answer these and other questions about the airport body scanner.
China Southern Airlines

My flight has been cancelled, can I claim compensation?

Air passengers have rights to compensation of between €250 and €600, as well as help, if boarding is denied, flights cancelled or delays suffered.
Xl Airways B737-800

XL Leisure Group went bust: Your questions answered

The UK's third largest tour operator went into administration and grounded flights leaving 85,000 passengers stranded. Your questions answered.
Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300

Cathay Pacific lost my luggage. What can I do to get a reasonable response?

Cathay Pacific lost my luggage on the Heathrow-Hong Kong flight and have been useless in trying to find it. What can I do?

Should you book now or last minute?

As travel becomes increasingly popular and accessible, do we book in advance or at our whim?
sick man with thermometer

How To Avoid Food Poisoning Abroad

Anyone that has suffered from food poisoning on holiday will know how much it can take the fun out of a long anticipated break.

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