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Cancun, Mexico

Travel Guide: Top 10 things to see and do in Cancun

Visiting Cancun? Here are some must see and do's to this historic city that really knows how to party.
Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300

Cathay Pacific lost my luggage. What can I do to get a reasonable response?

Cathay Pacific lost my luggage on the Heathrow-Hong Kong flight and have been useless in trying to find it. What can I do?
Camel in Sahara desert, Algeria

Ten Reasons To Visit The Sahara Desert

For Caroline Joy, the Sahara is the place where heaven and earth meet. Here are just 10 reasons why the Sahara is so special.
Maguelone beach, Languedoc

How to choose the Langeudoc beach that’s right for you

The good, the bad and the ugly! From butt-naked naturists to bouncy castles, how to find the Langeudoc beach that's right for you.

Should you book now or last minute?

As travel becomes increasingly popular and accessible, do we book in advance or at our whim?
sick man with thermometer

How To Avoid Food Poisoning Abroad

Anyone that has suffered from food poisoning on holiday will know how much it can take the fun out of a long anticipated break.

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