If you are in trouble abroad, Call 112

112 emergency number saves lives – EU teams up with top airlines for campaign

Published 10 February 2012 in News

New European Commission figures reveal only 13 per cent of those surveyed in the UK know 112 is the telephone number to call in an emergency anywhere in Europe.  

The 112 number works in every member state, alongside the various national numbers like the UK's 999, which will not change.

The Commission also announced today that British Airways, easyJet and other major transport companies across Europe have teamed-up in an awareness campaign.

They will include the 112 number on e-tickets, in onboard magazines and on their websites. Across Europe, 26% of those asked knew about the number.

The UK is one of three countries (Greece and Italy: 6 per cent) in Europe where awareness of the emergency number is lowest.  The survey of over 1,500 people across the UK also found that only 13 per cent had received any information in the past 12 months that dialling 112 will reach the emergency services.  

Knowing the 112 emergency number could prove especially important this summer when sport fans travel to the UEFA football championships being held in Poland and the Ukraine. It could also be a lifesaver for people visiting the UK for the Olympic Games.


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