Survey finds Ryanair has worst customer service, easyJet best

Three quarters of respondents in recent budget airlines survey think Ryanair offers the worst service overall.

By Jo Chipchase on 12 November 2012 in News

Ryanair offers the worst service of any budget airline anywhere in the world.

This is according to a survey conducted by flight search engine WhichBudget and consumer interest site Budget Airline Watch.

Two-thirds of the 340 respondents agreed that budget airlines offer good value for money but only a third think they offer good customer service.

When asked if "budget airlines offer good value for money" 62 per cent  said yes. Only 32 per cent agree that they "offer good customer service".

Despite industry moves to create more clarity when buying a seat on a flight only 34 per cent of respondents think it's easy to see the final price of a flight when making a booking.

Recent moves by Easyjet to add online seat selection to its booking system was well received by 54 per cent of respondents.

Meanwhile, 72 per cent would like to see a free 20kg hold bag included in the price of the fare.

When it comes to the best airline food (by budget and non-budget airlines), BA got top billing with 25 per cent of the vote, with Easyjet  coming second place with 24 per cent. Virgin landed in third place with 15 per cent of votes.

As for "best customer service", Easyjet led the field with 33 per cent of votes, followed by BA with 24 per cent and Virgin with 14 per cent.

The "worst customer service" accolade went to Ryanair who achieved a landslide 'victory', attracting 77 per cent of votes.

Martino Matijevic, WhichBudget's founder said: "Today's passengers are no longer happy with just bargain-priced flights but are seeking value for money. On, we introduced the star rating next to our price comparison results, where the rating represents overall value passengers place on an airline."


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