ITALY – The Best Places to See by Rail, 302 pages

There is an alternative to the pricy escorted tour of Italy. It's a rail tour and its better than driving!

by Bob Kaufman

Kaufman was a tour operator for over 30 years. He felt Brits and Americans want to go to Italy for a week but care not to drive because of the stress and further the escorted tours are quite pricey.  Even the cheap ones “bait” you with basic hotels and try to up sell you on the first night at the hotel with side excursions.

There has got to be a better way and Kaufman describes it in about 25-30 rail excursions. He describes rail tours from the basic three capitals tour i.e. Rome, Florence and Venice to excursions to the Cinque Terre, Sicily and over the Alps on the Bernina Express.  He even recommends all types of hotels within walking distance from the train stations. Way to go!

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