Lounge Pass: Prebook Your Airport Lounge Access Worldwide from £13.50

Start your holiday in style by booking an airport lounge with Lounge Pass and enjoy the experience of VIP travel.

Airport Lounge
Airport Lounge

For holidaymakers or business travellers who travel several times a year, an airport Lounge Pass could be a great investment because with this pass you get to escape the busy terminal, relax in comfort while you wait for your flight.

Choose from over 500 lounges at over 250 airports worldwide including 26 in the UK.
Pre-book an airport lounge from just £13.50.

Why Book Your Lounge Pass

An airport lounge is the ideal place for you to escape the crowded, noisy departure terminals. So whatever airline or class of travel, outbound or return, start your journey at the airport with Lounge Pass.  Pre-booking guarantees you access to an airport VIP lounge from as little as £ 13.50.

Relax before boarding, help yourself to a range of light refreshments and drinks, kick-back in comfortable seating, log on to Wi-Fi and enjoy the wait.

Make your outward and return flight that little more special with Lounge Pass.

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