UPDATE: 24 June 2021 Due to concern over the potential spread of the Delta variant, the Israeli government has postponed the entry of individual tourists by one month to August 1. Tourist groups will continue to arrive through July, under the existing pilot scheme.

Q: Israel is on the Green List but can I actually travel there? 

A: Israel is among 10 other countries that made it onto the green list. The country’s success in keeping variants out by closing their borders and their vaccination rollout has been impressive.

However, this Mediterranean country has not yet opened its borders completely. Right now, only escorted groups can enter and only a handful have been allowed in so far.

This is all about to change as Israel has announced that it is opening up to vaccinated travellers and holidaymakers on July 1st for non-essential travel such as holidays. There is no need to quarantine for those travellers that can produce a negative Covid test

Children under six will also be allowed in, regardless of their vaccination status.