How trusting are you? Would you join a cruise to destination unknown?

This cruise company wants you to join their all-inclusive 21-day mystery cruise without knowing where you are going.

Saga mystery cruise on Saga Sapphire
Saga mystery cruise on Saga Sapphire

Passengers will have to throw caution to the wind for 21 days when they join Saga Sapphire’s new three-week secret cruise because they will have no idea where they will be sailing to.

There will be no clues to the itinerary and the port of call will only be announced when the ship moors at the destination port. Even the captain will not be bribed.

What you will know is that this is an all-inclusive trip with excursions at every port, and on board there are three restaurants and a beach club pool.

Nightly entertainment and a programme of daytime activities are also included in the cruise price so all passengers have to do is turn up at Southampton on November 27, 2018.

How much: This 21-night Secret Cruise starts from £4,784 (excursions extra)

Would you pay £4,784 for a 21-night cruise if you didn’t know where you would be going? Leave a comment