Tubism – eco-friendly travel containers

Tubism travel containers are resealing zip tubes which are an eco-friendly alternative to single use storage containers. Here is our review.

Tubism travel containers - pack of three resealing zip tubes
Tubism travel containers - pack of three resealing zip tubes

Travelling lightweight is something we all aspire to either to reduce excess baggage costs or just to reduce the weight of your hand luggage. With this in mind, have you noticed how heavy toiletries can be? And do you need such a big bottle anyway?

Consider dispensing your favourite lotions and potions into one of Tubism travel containers. These resealing zip tubes come in a pack of three and can hold 50ml of liquid, enough for say three of four days of sun screen and, as they are food-safe, they can carry enough peanut butter for a couple of deep filled sandwiches.

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These small travel containers take up hardly any room in your bag or pocket, but can they be trusted not to leak during a plane flight? A test was undertaken to find out.

Using Greek yoghurt which separates water in a short time, the tubes were placed in different sections of a plane during a long haul flight – in an overhead compartment, in checked-in luggage, in handbags under the seat and even in the front pockets of checked-in luggage which are notoriously tossed around onto conveyor belts from heights of up to six feet. These little tubes managed to endure the journey without any leakage at all.

Incidentally, the tubes are eco-friendly and dishwasher friendly.

A pack of three costs $12.99.

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