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Classically inspired ArchaeoMuse adventure

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Calliope: one of the nine muses in Greek mythology and patron of epic poetry

ArchaeoMuse is a bespoke travel company that will organise every aspect of your trip.

Follow in the footsteps of ancient civilisations, discovering their influences on our modern existence, heritage and identity through unforgettable bespoke travel and cultural experiences, from Hadrian’s Britain to Plato’s Greece.

Bask in the expert knowledge of hand-picked local archaeologists, historians, artists, philosophers, gastronomical connoisseurs and so much more…

ArchaeoMuse specialises in curating trips to the classical lands of Italy, Greece, France, Spain, Portugal and UK with many more in the pipeline.

Here’s how it works

  1. Visit the fabulous Nine Muses at www.archaeomuse.com to find your inspiration
  2. Tell ArchaeoMuse where, when and for how long you’d like to travel
  3. Sit back and await your very own bespoke itinerary.

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