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Atom Powerport compact charger by Anker

by The Travel Magazine

With a body slightly bigger than a 5W stock smartphone charger and weighing only 2.2 oz, the Atom Powerport Atom PD 1 is small enough to comfortably fit in your front pocket.

The Atom is the first charger on the market to use Gallium Nitride components (GaN). This makes the device slimmer, lighter, and more efficient than conventional wall chargers.

It features one single USB-C port capable of dispensing up to 30W of power using the Power Delivery standard, enough wattage to charge any USBC device, the Nintendo Switch™ or even a MacBook™.

“Traditional chargers use silicon components which are bulky and are not very efficient, wasting close to 20% of total potential power through heat emission when charging a USB device,” explained Steven Yang, CEO of Anker Innovations.

“Anker has worked for the last 12 months developing GaN technology in order to provide chargers that not only lower power inefficiency, but also considerably reduce the size of the charger.”

So if you’re looking to travel light, make sure you buy an Atom Charger, available on Amazon UK for £39.99.

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