Tenerife beach

Canary Islands, The Maldives, Denmark and Mykonos have been added to travel corridor list

Holidays to the Spanish Canary islands will be on sale in time for half-term. The Maldives, Mykonos and Denmark also added to the travel corridor list.

Locked down Brits living in high risk areas won’t be entitled to holiday refunds

Holidaymakers won't get refund if they live in areas of the UK where tough new coronavirus restrictions mean it's illegal to go on holiday.

Heathrow to offer £80 rapid coronavirus test for departures to Hong Kong & Italy

You will still need to adhere to UK's two-week travel quarantine for people arriving from "at risk" countries.
Southeastern high speed train

Three Tiers for England that could End in Tears for Travellers

As Boris Johnson imposes his three-tier system for England Wales imposes a total travel ban from tier 2 &3 areas in England
Gatwick Airport North Terminal departures sign

Gatwick Airport to charge £5 fee to drop passengers off or pick them up

Britain’s second-biggest airport to charge £5 for cars dropping off or picking up passengers from 2021.
Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic puts pressure on with pre-flight tests at Heathrow

Virgin Airline claims the UK first with COVID testing programme for crew members

Airport testing for Covid-19 could be rolled out at UK airports

The government to outline a test-and-quarantine programme at UK airports in the coming days as the list of quarantine-free travel options diminishes.
Barbados beach

Tunisia and Barbados add UK to high risk Covid list

No entry for Brits into Tunisia while Brits entering Barbados must quarantine as both countries put the UK on the COVID 'red' list

Last minute changes in quarantine rules is changing the way the bold book travel

Last-minute travel corridor and quarantine changes is making refunds harder to come by and changing the way travellers book travel.
COVID-19 map

Want to check which countries have COVID-19 spikes?

This interactive map allows you to check whether countries are experiencing COVID-19 spikes and reinstating restriction measures

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