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Travel restrictions on air passenger travel from Britain and EU to the US is being eased

Air passenger travel into the US for fully vaccinated travellers from Britain, the EU and some other countries to restart in November 2021.

This Welsh retreat is banning vaccinated people from visiting

COVID vaccinated guests are banned because the owner has fears of 'experimental' jab.

Traffic light system is scrapped and PCR tests to be phased out

Green, red and amber traffic light system replaced with 2 lists Red - no go & Open - go. PCR tests to be scrapped.

Qantas starts flights to London, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Singapore on December 18

Qantas says flights are “subject to government and regulatory approval”.
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PCR tests to be scrapped for returning vaccinated travellers

Sajid Javid wants to ditch PCR tests for travellers 'as soon as I possibly can'.

UK Traffic Light System could be scrapped by October

The emphasis will now be on vaccination status
Western Canada - Horseback riders

The latest traffic light update: Which countries are on the UK Green list?

There are 43 countries and territories on the UK green list. The full list is included here.

Clamp down on Covid “cowboys”

Several Covid travel test firms listed on the government's website are on notice over misleading pricing.

Bournemouth beach bans deckchairs in case people use them as weapons

Lib Dem councillor Vikki Slade: "I was mortified by the stupidity of the excuse, I thought they were joking".
A former palace - Urso hotel facade.

Price hike of hotel quarantine from £1,750 to £2,285 from 12th August

Hotel quarantine for travellers entering the UK from red list countries has become more expensive. The compulsory 10-day quarantine in a designated hotel costs £1,750...

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