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Shop online when travelling abroad with Splitcha: a new travel App

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The internet should mean that shopping online while abroad should be as easy as choosing the item or gift and pressing Return. Shouldn’t it?

It’s not unreasonable to expect that the beret you buy in France, the cuckoo clock in Switzerland or even a didgeridoo in Australia will seamlessly arrive at any destination anywhere in the world in a timely fashion and without huge delivery fees. Even if the website is in a language you do not speak.

Surfing the net is time consuming and even more cumbersome when you don’t speak the local language. And even if you do stumble across a relevant website, is it offering your product at the best price? And what are their delivery fees.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could delegate this to a trusted assistant?

Now you can thanks to a brand new app Splitcha, which will be launching this Winter.

Who is the App for?

Splitcha is aimed at holidaymakers, ex-pats, international students, airbnb renters, gift-givers, business travellers and anyone who needs to shop online in a country other than their own. 

Here’s how it works

When you want to purchase a product in a particular country the app matches you with  someone who can acquire the product in that country on your behalf and post the item to your chosen address, in return for a small commission.

That means you no longer have to spend ages surfing the net or worry about language barriers or be held back from a great buy because of lack of local knowledge.

Splitcha is in its final testing phase before it will be launched in the UK, USA, Germany, Spain, Canada, & Australia. 

You can sign up ahead of the launch.

CLICK HERE to sign up to Splitcha


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