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At last! A travel-friendly suit that refuses to crease

by Sharron Livingston

Disclaimer: sponsored by Paul Smith

It’s easy to look well groomed at the start of the journey, but passing through the airport, security and passport control, then shuffling around on an airline seat for an extended period takes its toll on your clothes.

There’s no doubt that looking just as good after a long journey is an art and British label Paul Smith has added their contribution to the canvas by creating A Suit To Travel In.

It’s crafted from high-twist yarn of 100 per cent worsted wool which apparently can maintain its stylish looks by offering flexibility, breathability and even helps to regulate body temperature.

There’s extra room across the back of the jacket and the creators say it can bounce back from any pressure so that creases “fall away before they are allowed to form”.

The label has enlisted British Olympic medallist Max Whitlock to demonstrate just how flexible the product is. You can see him put the suit through its paces with a series of demanding gymnastic moves, all without causing a single crease.

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