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Editor & Commissioning Editor

Sharron Livingston
An award-winning travel writer, Sharron is the founder and managing editor at The Travel Magazine. She is also former Travel Editor at The Jewish Chronicle and publisher of a series of Channel Hoppers Guides – guides for Channel Hoppers to Northern France. She has been heard on Talksport Radio, Traveltalk radio, LBC and Play Radio UK. She has also appeared on the BBC Holiday Programme, GMTV, CNN and Al Jazeerah TV as an expert.

Assistant Editor

Lucy Woods
Lucy completed her degree at the University of Bristol studying Archaeology and Anthropology. Her interest in her studies has led her to Peru (twice) and North Carolina where she has taken part in archaeological digs, igniting a passion for travel and adventure. Her goal in life is to become a travel writer and archaeologist combined.

Hiking Correspondent

Rupert Parker
Since his days hiking in the Lake District as a boy, Rupert Parker has been tackling mountains, both large and small. His walking adventures have taken him all over the world, from the Alps to the Himalayas, and he loves those long distance trails where you hike from hut to hut, carrying the world on your back. These days, however, he’s not averse to having his baggage transferred and building up an appetite for a big dinner in a comfortable hotel. After all, hiking is meant to be enjoyable, not an SAS challenge. Still, every trip there’s somewhere new to write about and his favourite destination is always the next one.

Greece Correspondent

Angela Epstein
Angela Epstein is journalist and broadcaster who has worked in the media for 25 years. As well as a general feature writer and commentator for newspapers such as the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail, she is also a frequent guest on television debates, including Question Time, Newsnight, This Morning, and Sunday Morning Live. However when it comes to travel, her passion is Greece – a country she first fell in love with nearly 30 years ago, when visiting as a penniless student. ​She says: "​My quest has always been to track down unspoilt Greece and I like to travel to places which perhaps are not especially well known amongst UK tourists.​"​

Health & Beauty Correspondent

Michelle Abels
Michelle Abels is a leading Make-Up Artists in the TV, film and celebrity industry. She trained with the BBC and has had a wonderful career in TV, Film and photographic makeup. She is the go-to make up artist for a vast array of actresses and celebrities have benefited from her skills and creativity. Michelle's inside knowledge of celebrity makeup secrets have influenced the creation of their own make up range, giving every woman the opportunity to look and feel glamorous, gorgeous and sexy. She knows that good quality make-up, applied well, can make you look sensational leaving you feeling empowered and confident. She does not believe beauty has to be to be complicated.

Military Correspondent

Doug Goodman
Doug is a professional photographer and a specialist in military history. He spent many years as head of PR for Thomson holidays, then ran criss management training courses while running his own travel PR company. Doug has always maintained a keen interest in military history and focuses on the Western Front and the Battle of The Somme. This interest started 20 years ago when Doug and his brother acquired 74 letters and documents written by their uncle from the trenches in France in 1915 and 1916. Their extensive research culminated on 15th September 2016 in High Wood exactly 100 years after Alec Reader, a private in The Prince of Wales Civil Service Rifles, was killed. Material placed in military archives has resulted in his life story appearing in many books and at commemorative displays.

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