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Dovetail Experience: your personal vacation photographer

by Lucy Woods
Get your travel photos taken professionally with Dovetail Experience, like this couple in Rome

If you’re serious about capturing some truly fantastic photos on your travels, consider employing a photographer to take the pictures for you. This doesn’t have to be a vast expense, and can result in a much more relaxing, enjoyable travel experience for both you and your companions.

Dovetail Experience connect travellers with professional photographers and offer affordable, tailor made photo shoots in more than 60 destinations from Bangkok to Bogota.

Just supply your dates and locations, and Dovetail handle the logistics. The professional photographer will also act as a guide, advising you on the best locations to take photos away from the tourist masses.

Photo shoots cost $250 per hour for all locations (except Iceland). First-time customers will receive a discount of $30 off for their first booking.

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