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Q&A: Glastonbury tickets – how can I get hold of one?

by Lucy Woods
Glastonbury Festival

Getting hold of a ticket to Glastonbury festival is probably one of the world’s biggest challenges. It’s mission impossible, yet hundreds of thousands of people choose to accept it. Only 200,000 people (up from 135,000 in 2017) are successful.

If you would like to give it a go for 2020, here are some tips – some of which are blindingly obvious but never-the-less here they are:

UPDATE: Standard tickets sold out for Glastonbury 2020 in 34 minutes on Sunday 06 October. There will be a resale of any returned coach + ticket packages on Thursday 16 April 2020 followed by a general admission resale on Sunday 19 April 2020. Registration will open again on 01 November.

In addition, the festival has launched a special opportunity to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first festival in 1970.

Festivalgoers have the chance to nab one of 50 pairs of tickets which will be sold by ballot. The ballot is open to anyone with a valid Glastonbury Festival registration who hasn’t secured tickets to the festival. 

You can enter up to two registrations from now until 5pm on Thursday 31 October, with the winning entrants being contacted in early November with details of how to pay.

TIP: Glastonbury Festival tickets are only sold on one site: glastonbury.seetickets.com 

Your whinges answered:

Why do I have to pre-register – it’s such a pain?

Well, it only takes a few minutes and let’s face it you have to be in it to win it. Plus it’s free – you can do it anytime (before the tickets go on sale) so register now!

If you forget to register, you’ve missed any opportunity to get hold of a ticket. You will need a headshot photo to upload. You can read up on the do’s and don’ts on their registration page.

Sure, all this means that the pressure is on but it does mean that tickets can’t be touted for extortionate prices.

So stay focused and register in time!

Ok I stay focused but what happens if I don’t have enough internet power?

Then make sure you do. How much do you want those tickets? Go into town for a day or be creative. Keep refreshing the page every few seconds as the website usually crashes due to the number of people online. 

TIP: In our experience tablets offer better delivery – the newer the better as they will be less crammed and the battery won’t run down as quickly. 

It sounds like a big job, I can’t do this on my own.

No you can’t. So find others and form a group and become organised. Each person in the group has the capacity to book up to six tickets per order. So if everyone is doing the same all of you can be online chasing the tickets increasing your chances of getting to Glastonbury.

Try this:

Set up a group online – do this with Facebook or WhatsApp or whatever system you feel comfortable with. It’s great for staying connected and informing others of the vital details – registrations numbers and postcodes. Cut and paste to avoid mistakes. Record all the details in a spreadsheet that can be updated live (on Google docs for example) and share with everyone on the group. 

Use every device you have – laptops, tablets, smartphones and keep on heading to the Glastonbury SeeTickets website to check progress. 

For the General Admission resale you will be able to purchase up to four tickets per transaction. Be ready with the registration numbers and registered postcodes, too.

Woohoo I am excited to book tickets. But how do I get there?

You can get there on your own steam (via car or train) or book a ticket and coach package, but that’s only two tickets per transaction. 

Good luck – you’ll need it. 


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