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Product review: Heinrich Barth sunscreen and aftersun

by Sharron Livingston
Sun bloc and sunbathing

Everyone knows that when spending time outdoors, especially during hot, heady sunny days, it is important to take care of your well-being.

Simple things like a sunhat and sunglasses, having water to hand to stay hydrated are staples. Perhaps most important is to stay protected from the potentially damaging UV rays. Sunburn is both painful and potentially ageing.

Yet many sunscreen products can be too oily or are not absorbed easily into the skin which leaves the skin feeling sticky and somewhat greasy.

A  new product on the market produced by Heinrich Barth is designed to be easily absorbed leaving a silky finish.

Named after a renowned 19th-century German explorer – Heinrich Barth -the products are manufactured in Italy. Their “Destination” ranges are made from ingredients and herbs from Mykonos in Greece and Dakar in Senegal, the products giving an appealing provenance. The ingredients that form their “Unscented” range are sourced from around the world but are all 100% organic and vegan friendly.

I recently tried the sunscreen and their aftersun cream during a rare blistering hot day in late May. 

I was pleased to find that both products are unscented and when applying them they were easy to absorb – there was literally no trace. 

“Sunscreen and aftersun products that are so easily absorbed they leave no trace. Joy.”

My skin felt silky and dry after applying them, no mess, no drips and certainly no greasiness. The aftersun cream feels reassuringly cooling and soothing and leaves my skin feeling silky to the touch.


In these eco-conscious times, it is good to know that all of the products created by Heinrich Barth are made from a blend of local ingredients and herbs that do not damage the environment and they come in containers that are also one hundred per cent biodegradable as well.

How much?

Sunscreen Broad Spectrum High Protection and the After Sun Moisturing cream are available in 150ml size and cost £21 each.

They are also available in travel sizes of 75ml and cost £13 each

Available from Wolf and Badger  



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