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Q&A: Do I have to wear a face mask next time I fly?

by Sharron Livingston
Face mask

Will flying ever be the same again in the post-COVID-19 world? It’s hard to know but what we do know is, that for now, you can expect changed boarding protocols, limited use of toilets, the disappearance of food and a distinct lack of onboard magazines. 

The face mask will feature as a required piece of attire for everyone.   

On top of all that, the face mask will feature as a required piece of attire for everyone. Sometimes it will be simply encouraged and at other times it will be mandatory. Either way, if you forget yours, the airline will supply one.

Easyjet. Ryanair, Wizz Air and British Airways, for example, are making it a requirement to wear a mask at the airport and onboard. BA is suggesting you bring two if the journey is longer than four hours. 

SAS Scandinavian Airlines insist that all passengers over the age of six must wear a mask at all times and you must bring this yourself. They also specify that 

“scarves or similar items are not accepted. Face masks sewn by yourself, or any other type of face mask made from garments, are not accepted either”.

Allegiant Air low-cost American airline does not make this a requirement but does provide a health kit with a single-use mask and disposable non-latex gloves just in case you want it.

Qantas airline, the Australian carrier, also won’t insist but do encourage flyers to wear one for “peace of mind”. They say they have implemented no-touch measures and fitted their aircraft with hospital-grade filters in their air-conditioning systems which they say are effective.

Once onboard, some airlines may be okay with you removing the mask as long as there is enough room between passengers. Some may say you can only remove it when you eat or drink.

It’s best to check with your airline exactly what the rules are to avoid any complications before you travel. The best advice is to make sure you take one with you.

Incidentally, since May 4th Eurostar has already been implementing the obligatory face mask rule.




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