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Princess Cruises newest ships offer digitally enhanced escape rooms

by Sharron Livingston
Phantom Bridge

Princess Cruises newest ships – the newly launched Sky Princess and Enchanted Princess due in 2020 – are the first ships to offer a new dimension in gaming that combines digital and physical challenges to create a truly immersive experience and the first of its kind at sea.

The new onboard attraction is called The Phantom Bridge and the idea is that by using skill and wit, guests race to solve puzzles and travel to endangered time-periods either in the past or into the future. The entire ship will transform and respond to guest actions, enveloping them in the story.

Denise Saviss, Princess Cruises vice president of entertainment experience said

“Phantom Bridge, our newest Discovery at SEA interactive attraction, will offer our guests the exclusive opportunity to live a real-world, gamified experience with more than 700 different outcomes for the ultimate adventure.

Partnering with Farbound to deliver this unprecedented technology and the world’s first interactive Mediascape Room further solidifies our commitment to sharing innovative and distinctive offerings to our guests.”

More about the Phantom Bridge Escape Room

Players will be challenged to uncover the clues to solve the mystery with the use of projection mapping, touch screen surfaces and hidden physical elements that bring the environment to life.  As players uncover new clues and solve puzzles they will be transported to the next endangered time-period.

In effect, players captain the simulated ship and turn a wheel to navigate the vessel and watch as the simulation view changes. Lighting, sound and digital features that appear real, are combined to create an immersive, realistic experience. To add more challenge a new item could pop up unannounced at any time. 

Phantom Bridge has been designed so that families can play together including young kids and grandparents. It’s all about teamwork and passengers must work as a team to uncover clues and solve puzzles with the ‘ship’ transforming and responding to their actions. The outcome is hard to predict as there are 700 permeations so each time you play the experience will be different.




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