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Product review: M4U 8 noise cancelling headphones

by Sharron Livingston

When you want to block out outside noise and listen to music as you would in your sitting room, PSB, the manufacturers of the MFU 8 headphones say their RoomFeel technology delivers just that. 

The M4U 8 headphones come in a nice clam-shaped case and a handy spare set of earpads a cable and a USB for charging from a computer for Bluetooth operation.

The design is a pretty traditional look and perhaps not the most beautiful but no worries for it makes up for this with a sturdy build. A steel insert in the headband makes it hardy, and the ear extensions have gimbles in them to allow some movement of the headphones so that you can manoeuvre for comfort. The earpads and the headband are made of soft leather, and the earpads have memory foam. It is a comfy fit.

It operates in 3 modes – one is the passive where batteries are not required, and you can listen for up to 15 hours before the next recharge. One is the active mode and another noise cancelling mode.

The headphones pair easily with Bluetooth devices and come with a responsive volume control. If you press the volume once it will turn down the music and allow you to hear the outside world again. All the buttons are easy to access on the right headphone.

It comes with two Tripple-A batteries already installed. If they should expire, switch to the passive mode in just a flick of a switch and replace the batteries whenever you can.

Verdict: Not only are these headphones comfortable to wear, but the sound quality in all three modes is pretty good. Their noise-cancelling feature effectively drowns out the unwanted noise around you, leaving only the music you want to hear. If you can stretch to £199.00 you won’t be disappointed.

Tech talk:

M4U 8 headphones

  • Connect to any Bluetooth enabled device
  • Two built-in hands-free microphones with clear voice technology to deliver enhanced call clarity
  • Adjust volume, skip tracks and pause music with on-ear playback controls
  • Three listening modes: Active Noise Cancelling with RoomFeel, Active with RoomFeel, and Passive
  • Unique two-way adjustable ear pads that gyroscopically shape to your head and are finished with super-soft leather
  • Built with NFC technology that lets you tap-and-pair your device in seconds

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