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Product Review: Rens Sneakers – made from coffee and recycled plastic

by Sharron Livingston

Rens, a Helsinki-based company has devised a range of footwear that is waterproof, breathable and yes, made from coffee.

Here’s an interesting fact about them: every pair of Rens sneakers is made from six recycled plastic bottles and 21 cups worth of coffee grounds recovered from landfills – that’s 150 grams of coffee waste per pair.

Sounds cool, everyone wants to do their bit for sustainability, but are they comfortable? And will my feet really stay dry on a rainy day?

The challenge

Setting off on my challenge

I took on the challenge and gave these shoes a real run for their money. I picked a rainy day for the first walk and risked a very bad hair day in the process and another long walk one sunny day.

I must have walked for 16 hours in all and my feet stayed comfortable in the shoes. At times when walking in the rain, I channelled my inner child and jumped into puddles. My feet stayed snug, dry and remarkably fresh – these shoes have the technology to fight odours.

Here’s a video provided by Rens:

Recycled materials but not recycled style

These are stylish sneakers with unusual markings. I wore them with jeans and also with a summer dress and got a couple of compliments; so a thumbs up for looks. 

The range

There are nine distinctive colours and available for men and women in white, black, red, blue, pink and brown.

I chose the Classic White and cost €99 online from Rens. 


Stylish, comfortable, yet I can wear them knowing I am doing my bit for the environment by simply choosing them – and waterproof to boot. I will be taking them with me on my next holiday.

More info from Rens

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