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Product review: travel watch by Swiss Identity Time

by Lucy Woods
SIT watches

No one makes watches quite like the Swiss, and this new product by Swiss Identity Time (SIT) promises more than just your average timepiece. The specially designed watch has been developed for regular travellers to take them from the hotel pool to the mountains and even on to the jungle.

The stylish, unisex watch has three removable straps that all serve a different purpose:

  1. A genuine leather strap in dark brown for casual day to night wear
  2. A white strap with a UV sunlight indicator that turns a stronger shade of pink as it is exposed to UV light, to help remind you to apply suncream.
  3. A black strap made of material that can endure insect spray without damaging it (unlike leather).

In addition, the travel kit comes with an anti nausea acupuncture strap that can relieve travel sickness by applying a gentle and constant pressure to your wrist.

Other features: Quick-release strap attachment; hours/minutes/seconds/date functions and water resistant to up to 50m (5 ATM).

The SIT watch comes in two editions: the Classic Edition (made in Japan) with a white dial and dark brown leather strap, and the Swiss Made Edition with a black dial and tan leather strap. We tried the classic edition.

Where can I buy the SIT watch?

Both watches can be purchased directly from the website and they offer free shipping and returns for all EU and Swiss orders.

The Classic Edition costs £135 (€155) and the Swiss Made Edition costs £240 (€280) – the latter is currently on sale for £200 (€235).

CLICK HERE to purchase the SIT watch

What we think of the SIT travel watch

The beautifully presented watch comes in a stylish metal carry case that can be easily fitting into hand luggage or backpack (although we suggest leaving the case behind while out and about as it is quite heavy).

The watch itself looks and feels high quality, with a nice weight to it. The watch display provides the date, hours (12 hour rather than 24 hour), minutes and seconds. Pull out the dial half way to adjust the date and fully to adjust the time. 

The straps are easily removed with a simple click mechanism and I was impressed with how easy this was. It took me a matter of seconds to change the leather strap to the UV strap.

The Classic Edition SIT watch kit

The Classic Edition SIT watch kit

The UV strap was my favourite – I like the colour of the strap (white) and found the UV warning a genuinely useful reminder to apply sun cream when I was outdoors.

The insect repellent strap is useful as it doesn’t get damaged by the horrible smelling DEET spray, but I was a little disappointed it didn’t ward off nasty insects itself. Having said that, this strap can also withstand sweat and sun cream, so it is a genuinely useful watch for intrepid travellers like myself.

The leather strap is designed for smarter occasions, although I think the colour scheme (dark brown) is a little masculine for me. On the plus side, my partner and I can both make use of this watch when we are on our travels together.

Verdict: the SIT watch looks great, feels comfortable and is a genuine asset to travellers. It’s just a shame it can’t carry my luggage for me!

Disclaimer: this article was sponsored by Swiss Identity Time. Please note the review was written impartially. 


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