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Q&A: Do I need travel insurance for a domestic UK based holiday?

by The Travel Magazine
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Thanks to our wonderful NHS, medical costs are free in the UK, and so you may think you don’t need travel insurance during a domestic holiday.

However medical costs are just part of what a travel policy offers. There are still factors related to potential unforeseen events and which justify the purchase of travel insurance.

Although somewhat different from a policy designed for a trip abroad, the core elements of a UK-based cover will be included as standard. One example is cancellation cover, and if the only option for the Brit’s this summer is a UK holiday, then prices could increase. So, make sure you have a travel insurance policy which covers you for cancellation of any UK holiday. You may also require help with the costs to get back home should you fall ill or are injured during your staycation. 

Similarly, you may consider bringing some high-value items with you during your holiday: laptop, tablet, portable speaker and various other high-tech gadgets or compact outdoor toys for the children. Many people would not normally have cover for these items outside of the home on their home insurance policy.

Ensure the policy you buy for your UK holiday does include cover for these items and check the single item limit on your travel insurance policy. These could be excluded from the standard policy so make sure you have checked any add-ons or extension policies the insurer may offer.

Some staycation-specific policies also offer cover for vehicle breakdown, which can be of benefit to those of you who only have ‘near home’ cover on your roadside policy and need assistance during your UK trip.

A family holiday is not always a walk in the park, especially when children are involved. Most travel insurance policies will also offer cover should you or your children accidentally damage anything in your rental property, ensuring you have this covered could be the difference between getting your hefty deposit back or not.

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