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Travel Guide: 72 Hours in Cappadocia, Turkey

by Duke Dillard
Uçhisar Castle, Cappadocia

Although Istanbul and the beaches get more press, those who have visited will agree that Cappadocia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is no less a jewel in Turkey’s tourist crown.

One could spend weeks exploring Cappadocia’s lunar landscape with its fairy chimneys and ancient cave churches, but most people allot just a few short days here on their holiday.

Duke Dillard from Captivating Cappadocia recommends you stay in the charming Middle-Earth town of Göreme in the heart of the region, the most central location.

Day 1

Hot Air Balloon Flight

Hot air balloon Cappadocia

Hot air balloon flight in Cappadocia

If you do not take a hot air balloon ride, you should definitely wake up at sunrise and watch them fill the skies.

However, Cappadocia is the world leader in hot air balloon rides. There are over 20 hot air balloon companies in the region.

Open-air Museum

Take the 20-minute walk to the Göreme Open Air Museum, pay your 15TL entrance fee, rent the 5TL audio guide, and spend the next two hours marveling at the 1,100 year old cave churches and the frescoes. Tip: Pay the extra 8TL for the Dark Church; it is worth it.

Be sure to hit the Buckle Church on the way down the hill (included with the Museum entry ticket) and head back to Göreme’s center. Across the canal from the bus station you will find three unique cafes to choose from for lunch.

Uçhisar Castle / Pigeon Valley / Hammam

Uçhisar Castle, Cappadocia

Uçhisar Castle, Cappadocia

Take the public bus (3TL) up the hill to Uçhısar, ascend the castle (5TL) and enjoy the breathtaking view of the valley and then explore the town a bit.

Once you are done, hike the breathtaking Pigeon Valley (free) back to Göreme.

Tip: If you do not feel up for a hike, then use the afternoon to do some shopping around Göreme. There is an abundance of gift, handicraft, and antique shops which cater for all your retail needs.

Stop by your hotel, grab some clean clothes, head to the hamam (Turkish bath – up to 60TL), and enjoy a massage and good scrub down. Feeling squeaky clean you will be ready for a nice dinner.

Sunset Viewpoint

Sunset over Göreme, Cappadocia

Sunset over Göreme, Cappadocia

Depending on the time of year be sure to schedule dinner around the sunset. You will want to grab your camera and make the trek up the hill to the sunset point for a breathtaking photo experience.

Day 2

Having woken up with the sun the day before, you can enjoy a bit more sleep today. You will need it for another full day of activity.

Underground City & Hiking

Underground City, Cappadocia

Underground City, Cappadocia

After breakfast, head over to one of the many rental companies and get a scooter (around 60TL for the day). Head South for an hour to one of the big underground cities, Kaymakli or Derinkuyu (15TL).

You may want to hire the guide who will be waiting past the entrance as there is very little signage in the caves. These subterranean cities date back thousands of year and descend 100 meters underground (not a good place if you are claustrophobic).

Ihlara Valley

If you are looking for more hiking, we recommend going a bit further afield to the captivating Ihlara Valley (8TL). This mini Grand Canyon with cave churches and monasteries follows a small river for up to 12 kilometers.

Dinner and wine tasting

Head to Ürgüp for wine tasting and a nice dinner at Ziggy’s. (30-40TL per person). If you have some time before returning the scooter you will want to head to the top of Temenni Tepesi (Wish Hill) for tea and see the beautiful view of Ürgüp and the surrounding valley.

Day 3

ATV Tour

For your last day, go back to the scooter place and do an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) tour through Rose or Love Valley (90TL for 2 hours). After lunch, catch the public bus to Avanos.

Avanos Pottery & Hair Museum

Check out a few different potters (best to do some price shopping as the variance can be significant from shop to shop), watch a demonstration and try your hand at throwing a pot (free).

If you want to be freaked out, visit the Hair Museum, a unique collection of hair from over 16000 women around the world. Once you have finished that you will need to recover so cross the walking bridge and take a seat and order ice cream or coffee at Mado while you take in the peaceful flow of the Red River.

Turkish Night

The buses leave Avanos every hour for Göreme so make sure you are back in the town square before the next hour. Return to your hotel and freshen up before catching a ride to the Turkish Night (expect to pay 30 EUR at the most). You will have alll you can eat and drink while watching various Turkish folk dances including the famous belly dance.

Where to Stay?

Cave Hotel

One of Cappadocia’s unique selling points is the opportunity to sleep in a cave. In Göreme, I recommend the Kismet Cave House, a boutique cave hotel at a fair price. Faruk, the Cappadocian owner and manager, is a great friend.


Royal Stone Houses, Göreme, Cappadocia

Royal Stone Houses, Göreme, Cappadocia

For a more traditional hotel the Royal Stone Houses provides comfort and elegance with a beautiful early morning view of the hot air balloons as they launch into the sky (on most mornings).


And for the budget traveler, the Köse Pension offers an economic option and a pool (in the summer).

Where to Eat?

Lunch (10-20TL per person)

Nazar Börek – Besides the delicious food you never know when the owner will decide to put on a concert. Be sure to try the apple börek for dessert.

Cafe Şafak – A family run cafe serving delicious food.

Mydonose Cafe – Great atmosphere, excellent food, and specialty coffee drinks.

Dinner (20-30TL per person, more if you drink beer or wine)

Manzara Restaurant provides an amazing view and good food.

Fat Boys in the center of town is a unique Australian-Turkish restaurant with good atmosphere and an eclectic mix of dishes.

Go to the Kale Terrace Restaurant and order Testi Kebab. This is the unique Cappadocian tourist dish served in locally made pottery. They cook the stew in the closed pottery and then break it open in front of you. It is an experience as much as a meal.

How to get there?

Fly to Kayseri Airport and book the transfer to Göreme with Peerless Travel (20TL per person).

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