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Holiday: Yoga & Meditation on Horseback at Nihi Sumba

by The Travel Magazine

Just less than an hour from Bali lies the remote island of Sumba. Amid the natural beauty of this largely untouched resort is Nihi Hotel.

Every morning the ex-racing thoroughbred horses are released from the resort’s stables to gallop along the 2.5km white sand beach or just frolic in the sun and surf.

It is a truly awesome sight and in 2021 and later there is an opportunity to develop a deeper connection with the herd via yoga and mediation on horseback.

To the people of Sumba this makes total sense as they believe their soul is connected to the horse. Horse therapy is increasingly understood as a form of healing worldwide – from anxiety to corporate stress to depression.

Horse whisper Carol Sharpe Nihi will guide you to soften your steps and be absorbed by the innate wisdom and soothing nature of the horse. It’s a process that will open our eyes to the beauty of Sumba’s most famous wild residents.

Groundwork and Riding Experience:

Horses look for strong leadership within their herd and you get to experience this special relationship by learning how to guide your horse with purely your voice and energy.

This is a fully immersive and interactive activity to reveal a greater understanding of interpersonal dynamics through the eyes of a horse – resulting in an incredible sense of empowerment and self-confidence.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of commanding respect of a horse and the benefits and this can lead to the reduction of blood pressure by calming the physical symptoms of conditions such as anxiety and stress. 

You may find yourself on a deeper level with the horses through interactive activities both on and off your horse.

Yoga and Meditation:

Take time to be mindful whilst on horseback and become fully present in both the horse’s movement and your own through gentle stretching, breathing and stillness. Take in the sound of the waves and connect with your equine friend who is highly experienced in working with humans.

Who for:

Suitable for all levels of riding experience this meditative movement with horse and rider promises to enrich and balance the body and soul.

How much:

Prices start from £2360 (based on today’s exchange) for two people sharing a villa – £1180 per person per night based on a minimum three-night stay.

Your itinerary includes: equi-spective groundwork and equi-reflective groundwork and riding, yoga mediation on horseback, swimming with horses, a beach horse ride, 3 daily meals and all non-alcoholic drinks, complimentary wifi and minibar 

You can also do a tour of Sumba foundation projects and water sports such as stand up paddle boarding and snorkelling

More info or to book: Nihl.com



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