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12 brilliant beauty holiday hacks you will love

by Sharron Livingston
Twelve brilliant beauty holiday hacks you will love

I love travelling but sporting a milk white skin tone when I first get on the beach is not a good look. Neither is hobbling around because my new sandals have given me blisters.

Here are some brilliant holiday hacks that I’ve collated that will enhance your holiday experience:

1.  Bronze your sun cream

Why wait till you get a tan to look bronzed and glowing. If you mix bronzer or sparkly eyeshadow into a heap of your lotion the result is an attractive shimmering effect when sunbathing.

2.  Deodorant to stop blisters

Sometimes shoes or sandals can cause blisters. You can avoid this by rubbing your ankles and toes with deodorant first – this will stop any moisture from collecting and prevent friction.

3.  Maintain hair colour nature’s way

The colour of dyed hair can change when exposed to sun, seawater or chlorine. A neat trick to avoid this happening is to lightly spritz apple cider vinegar over your hair.

4.  Baby powder as dry shampoo

You don’t have to wash your hair everyday. Instead add a light dusting of baby powder and rub into the roots – it behaves as a dry shampoo.

5.  Sand repellent

Baby powder can also act as a brilliant sand repellent. Sprinkle on your legs, arms and body before heading to the beach and you’ll be able to wipe of all sand instantly with ease.

6. Get the beach boho waves look with seawater

The beach boho waves look is a big hit this summer in the world of hair and is the perfect style to rock on holiday. Leave the luxury salt spray at home and instead use seawater. After getting your hair wet, scrunch in sections with your hands and then let it hang loose to create flawless waves.

7.  Sand as an exfoliator

Sand is a natural exfoliator and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth after a day on the beach. When dipping your toes, just rub into your body before rinsing, exactly like you would with an exfoliator at home.f

8.  Teabags for sunburn

It’s never nice getting sunburnt after a hot day outdoors, especially when the stinging starts to set in. An effective way of relieving sunburn is by actually using tea bags, which are usually supplied in hotel rooms. Soak several black tea bags in cool water and after the water has darkened, lay the wet tea bags on to the burned skin for around 20 minutes. This will help remove the heat, pain and sting while also giving a warm glow to the skin.

9.  Lemon juice to highlight hair

Boost your highlights by running lemon juice through your hair before sunbathing. The citric acid in the juice opens your cuticles, making your hair more susceptible to the sun’s rays.

10. Razor in olive oil

Lengthen the life of your razor by coating it with olive oil and storing it well away from the shower.

11. Soap to sooth

Use soap to soothe an insect bite, rub it on the bite and leave it to dry.

12. Buttonholes as earring holders

The frustration of losing an earring can be avoided by making use of the button holes on your clothes. Attach them to the button hole so that a pair isn’t lost amongst your belongings.

Source for some of these tips: Hairtrade.com


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