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24 hours in ...

Only have 24 hours in a city? We have put together a list of places and activities to help you make the most of your time.

Kremlin Moscow

Travel Guide: 24 hours in Moscow

The name Moscow is used synonymous with the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin, but Moscow is so much more than a political city and has plenty to offer visitors.
Vall de Sorteny, Andorra

Travel Guide: 24 Hours in Andorra

Andorra is indisputably one of Europe’s best kept secrets, with mountains and lakes, historic buildings and museums, and quaint villages.

Travel Guide: 24 hours in Granada, Spain

Explore the mystical Alhambra, indulge in free tapas and travel back in time in the fabled Andalusian city of Granada.
Vancouver skyline and mountains

24 hours in Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is a vibrant west coast Canadian city, dominated by glimmering high rise buildings and surrounded by mighty mountains.
Lyon panorama

Travel Guide: 24 Hours in Lyon, France

Lyon seems to have it all: from being the historic European centre of silk, to the birthplace of cinema and more recently the world capital of gastronomy.
Buffalo, NY

Travel Guide: 24 hours in Buffalo, New York State

Mary Ferry spent 24 hours on the less well-trodden tourist track of Buffalo city, located on the eastern end of Lake Erie.

Travel Guide: 24 hours in Vienna, Austria

Situated on the banks of the Danube River, Vienna retains its regal air while offering a glimpse of the avant-garde.
Stavanger Skagenkaien street by night

48 hours in Stavanger, Norway

Stavanger is fast becoming something of a mecca for adventure travel enthusiasts keen to experience nature at its most raw.
Montreal from Mont Royal

Travel Guide: 48 hours in Montreal, Canada

Montreal is a unique blend of Europe and North America. If you are there for a weekend break, here are our must see and dos.
Bratislava Old Town

Travel Guide: 48 hours in Bratislava, Slovakia

Rebecca Anne Milford takes us on a whirlwind tour of Slovakia's small but beautiful capital city - Bratislava.

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