budget airlines: Ryanair and Wizz

Low cost alliance Ryanair, Easyjet and Norwegian to dominate the world

Budget airlines, Ryanair, Easyjet and Norwegian are to join forces to create a low-cost alliance for both short and long haul flights.
children skiing

Climate change may mean 70 per cent less snow by 2099 for alpine ski...

Dozens of low alpine resorts may only have a few days a year with enough snow to ski.

This airline is offering low-cost travel from UK to New York from just £69/€69

Low-cost carrier, Norweigan, has confirmed 10 new transatlantic routes, linking the UK and Ireland with the USA from just £69/€69.
airline parked on airport in fog

NEWS ALERT: Heathrow cancels 100 flights as freezing fog returns

Reduced visibility has forced Heathrow airport to cancel approximately 100 flights. Gatwick and Stansted advise flyers to check their flight status.
Drill Hall Beach, Barbados

Virgin: A new direct Heathrow-Barbados flight is about to take off

Fly direct to the sun with Virgin Atlantic's direct Heathrow-Barbados flight this winter.
Ryanair B737-800

Brexit may force us to drop UK flights to Europe, says Ryanair boss

Ryanair may be forced to suspend its flights from the UK to Europe as a result of Brexit, Michael O'Leary has warned.
Qantas A380 flying over Sydney Harbor

Inflight entertainment takes off with Qantas – free Netflix and Spotify

In-flight entertainment is about to take off in a new way as Qantas announces it is introducing free access to Netflix and Spotify.
Paris, France

Eiffel Tower to get a bulletproof wall

The Eiffel Tower in Paris is to have a 2.5m-high (8ft) wall of reinforced glass to act as protection against terrorism.

Cycle to the airport – will it really take off?

What does the world’s busiest airport do when it needs to tackle traffic congestion? Ask passengers to cycle, of course.
Virgin Atlantic kiss

Kiss & Fly? How long is the ideal goodbye kiss?

How long is too long? Live experiment reveals 12 seconds is the optimum time for a goodbye kiss in public.